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Cuba Destination Branding

Now I can finally confess that I visited Cuba in 2001, before relations were reestablished with the United States. I took a plane to Jamaica and boarded an Italian Cruise ship that was on its way to Havana and the Isle of Youth. The people of Cuba are some of the most friendly and cordial I have ever met. They have so little, but were always smiling and happy. So, when this project came along Cuba was my first and only choice. I wanted the logo to be simple and to change color from piece to piece, still retaining the brand identity. I searched the internet for images of Cuban people to use on the posters. The lovely lady with the cigar is used with permission of René Timmermans Photography.

While in Havana, I took many photos using slide film which were later scanned to a Kodak photo disc. Some of these were used in black and white on the posters and website materials. You can see a few of my photos in the slider below.