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Death Sauce

Music Video

This music video was a group project. Our group was cooperative and hard-working, and its’ members brought a great deal of creativity and skill. My part was producer and screenwriter. The story was developed by Patrice and the screenplay was written by me. As producer it was my job to create shot lists, cast lists, costume lists, and document all aspects of the production. In the end we were able to shoot the video in one morning, and part of an afternoon because everything had been so well organized and each member did their part. Patrice was an excellent director, and Bridget’s steady hand on the camera showed great skill. Brandy and Alyson were tireless scouting locations and props. Nathan and Patrice did a great job on the editing, and without Jonah we would not have had a cast.

Music by Adele: Rolling in the Deep


  • Director, Co-Editor: Patrice Scheiner
  • Director of Photography:  Bridget Maguire
  • Producer, Screenwriter: Victoria Racine
  • Co-Producer: Alyson Perez
  • Co-Producer: Brandy Perez
  • Editor: Nathan Willbarger
  • Casting: Jonah Weinman


  • Bride: April Mincey
  • Groom: Kirk Allgayer
  • Maid of Honor: Sandra Southworth
  • Best Man: Jonah Weinman